Obesity and insulin resistance

Hormonal imbalance acne (pimples) is seen generally in female due to the menstrual cycles (MC) goes through, such as menstruation, menopause and pregnancy etc. hormones play a most important function in all females health. When hormones levels of female change, and this can affected to your sexual desire, mood, ovulation and mostly fertility. The every monthly woman’s hormones progesterone or estrogens are produce. When progesterone or estrogen levels do not balance, and this may have a bad result on the your health. The most important hormone is aonadotrophin   releasing hormone, and this also affect the (functioning of the hypothalamus), which then affects the fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries,
Estrogen hormones imbalance can also cause menopause as well as all other symptoms associated with it.  These hormones such as estrogen hormones are influenced by certain parts such as lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, diet, stress, age and most important is ovulation.
The Surplus fat can translate the women oestrogen hormone into hormones that behave similar to male androgens hormones and to promote acne (pimples) during different ways including rising the sebum composition or production. Additional sebum is mixed with dead skin cells clogs pores.  Irritated pores and Inflamed contribute to creation of blackheads or whiteheads that turn into the acne (pimples).

A beneficial treatment for women’s with insulin resistance and hormonal acne and higher insulin rank is a small amount of metformin. This treatment has helpful as well as lots of advantages. It not only normalizes insulin stage but also decreases androgen levels and improves acne.

'Low androgenic' is combined oral contraceptive pills generally have helpful skin effects in woman’s with acne (pimples). These can contain a decrease in the skin oiliness.  And pore size, a reduction in excessive body hair and fewer pimples less often. 

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