Donate blood, & save life!

The medical history of the blood donor is safety. The doctor and clinical examinations counting weight, age, sex, hemoglobin, blood pressure & blood group those are done.
Precautionary measures for donors:
Before the blood donation the blood donor should not be empty stomach and must take proper sleep.

After the blood donation:
the blood donor avoid any physical exercise, as well as avoid drive any vehicle for some more hours after the blood donation, most important to take a plenty of fluids.

Blood donation Benefits:       
The blood donation is a one most brilliant method to get rid excess iron accumulated in our body system.

Burns calories:
The blood donation is beneficial & helpful to burns the additional calories as well as reduces the cholesterol level in our body.

Reduce Cancer Risk:
All blood donation centers, regularly blood donation is linked with lowered risks for cancer in our body such as a liver, colon, lung, throat and stomach cancers.

Reduce Heart Attack Risk:
The Florida Blood Services give information that regularly blood donors 89 percent risk of heart attacks and 35 percent lower risk of other such as a stroke.

The Blood Donation giving the amazing feeling of saving other person life.

After that blood donation, the count of blood cells reduces in body, it is motivates the bone marrow to make new (red) blood cells. In this way rouse the formation of new blood cells as well as revives our body system.

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  1. Absolutely. When you donate blood you have such a good felling. Your donated blood will be save someone's life. Thats true that with donating blood you have reduce risk of heart attack.