Conjunctivitis cases on the rise

In the monsoons session come lots of health problems such as Conjunctivitis. The daily routine Conjunctivitis problems are increase in our life. Doctors have reported that people with pain and redness in the eye must see an Ophthalmologist immediately. The numbers of peoples are suffering from conjunctivitis remains the same.

The symptoms of conjunctivitis are redness and tearing of the eyes. The vision, however, remains normal. If you have vision problems, you should see an ophthalmologist immediately because it could be a major problem. Also, sometimes, eye irritation may also exert a constant gray liquid.
If you notice any of these symptoms should see a doctor or ophthalmologist.

Itching or burning sensations
The eyes become red
Watering eye
Download Grey
Eye pain

"The reason of conjunctivitis is viral. A simple but successful way to prevent conjunctivitis is by washing hands thoroughly with soap if possible, even if you're out."
Mostly Common towels and handkerchiefs are a major cause of disease. Eye drops are a mostly helpful technique to treat the virus.
At times, some patients taking eye drops without a doctor's referral, but doctors warn that such moves can be dangerous to the eyes. A physician can take the drops after an examination. Steroids should be severely stay away from," he said.

Schoolchildren take this infection, many because they are continually touching your eyes without washing your hands and the infection has spread so quickly in school. So it is better if they avoid school for a little day until the virus disappears.

Other places where you can easily take the disease to theaters, shopping malls, local trains and buses and markets. Theaters make sure you have to use 3D glasses.

Keep in mind, that avoidance is always better than cure.

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