Global Acne Care Product Market

Acne, a minor disease in the skin causing scars on the face is a major issue today in the lives of people who suffer from it. The disease is very common and can mostly be found in the age group of 14-30 i.e. the teens and the youngsters. This means that there is an ever growing demand for acne care products around the globe. Acne care is to be considered very important to keep the face blemish and pimple free.

There are a number of ways to protect the skin and get rid of acne. Keeping the face clean is the most important. For this reason, a number of companies have come up with acne care products with specialized qualities to purify the skin. There are innumerable choices of Derma care items. The most popular acne care products are Neutrogena , proactive , Garnier, Clean and clear,  Noxzema, Aveeno, Aubrey, Himalaya , Olay, Barlean’s and Biore. Not all products are considered necessarily effective.

Every five years, around 60 skin care product related companies come into existence due to the ever rising demand for these products. A fall in the demand is barely predicted and huge business opportunities are created due to this skin condition that people of all ages suffer from. Commercial advertising method is used for the popularizing of the product. The advertising is mostly targeted towards the youngsters.

The global acne care product market is said to generate around $55 billion each year on an average. Revenues have consistently shown a strong growth annually and are forecasted to be continually growing. Due to consumers increased income, they now prefer to undertake a treatment rather than curing it in households. This has also created new business opportunities for dermatologists and beauty care centers where they offer different varieties of skin care treatments that are specially required for different types of skin. These treatment facilities have also increased the revenue in this field as these products are purchased by them on a large scale. This has simultaneously resulted in better growth of the acne care product market. Sales of acne treatment products in the super markets and departmental stores have been showing an annual rise of 17%. Research by a little skin solution companies show that the majority of the consumers are women, specifically working women who are exposed to pollution and dust on a regular basis.

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