Please Don’t Neglect Your Eyes…

The eyes are one of our sensory organs, which give us the sense of vision. Imagine a day without your eyes. I bet, no one will like to imagine even a single day in their life without their eyes. Eyes are a precious gift from God which gives us to see the wonderful beauties of nature. Then why people are not serious about protecting their eyes in today’s busy and polluted environment? Eyes are very delicate sensory organ. Any harm to the eyes can lead us down in big trouble. Hence it is rightly said as ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

We can protect our eyes by following some simple rules by ourselves. While going out, one should wear glasses or Eyewear. It is not necessary to have an eye problem to wear glasses. Doctors advise to wear glasses as it can protect the eyes from sun, dust and other thing from entering and harming the eyes. But one should keep two things in mind while buying the glasses that, they should cover the eyes completely and should be shatter free, so that in case of any accident, there is no risk of pieces of glass entering in one’s eyes. For those who already suffer from some or other kind of eye problem, it is essential to keep their eyes protected while going out.

For those who drive, it is always advised to wear a helmet to protect their head in case of any mishap. But a helmet not only protects one’s head, but it also protects the eyes. It protects the eyes from continuous exposure to pollution while driving. It keeps debris, particulate matter like dust and dirt, insects and rain away from the eyes. Wearing a face shield is also recommended if one wears glasses, to avert them from being blown off.

Besides these, one should not neglect even a minor trouble in the matter of eyes. It should be immediately taken to the eye specialist or else there will be a need to go for Lasik surgery if not noticed at the earliest. Understand the importance of eyes and take care of them.

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