Oil Glands Caused by Hormonal Imbalance

Acne is the part of growing up the oil glands under your skin secrete excess oil, This excess secretion of oil along with  abnormal  hyperkeratinization  of skin clogs up the skin pores, encouraging the growth of propioni bacterium  acne. These propioni bacterium acne produce inflammation causing pimples . you can wash the excess oil by regularly rinsing your face ,but washing alone is not enough. Unless you  check the growth of  the notorious  p. acne in time they could leave behind permanent blemishes and scars. The oil glands also known as sebaceous glands are located deep in the skin . the rate at which oil glands produce the oil depends on a male hormones and females also have these hormones but more quantities than males , during times incress  a stress and hormonal disturbances and this becomes a cause of acne.

The bacterium called p. acne is present on the skin surface and this is a harmful bacteria will not overgrow in and on your skin unless you create the ideal environment in and on your skin for acne bacteria flourish. What creates the perfects environment  and your skin mix of both oil casused  by hormonal imbalance and congesting  blood toxins. The skin oil and congesting toxins creates a pasty glue, this pasty glue clogs your pores it creates perfect breeding ground for acne bacteria to bread like crazy. They have all food they need and the perfect environment protected from oxygen (oxygen kills acne bacteria ) and make lot of acne bacteria babies.

The environment you create in and on your skin this pasty –glue  that cause all the trouble until you stop pasty glue from forming in your pores and you kill acne bacteria it will simply re-overgrow again and again, you  must do you can kill acne bacteria you must first stop the pasty glue that forms in your pores and regularly care your skin firstly wash your face with warm water and mild soap after that dry face with clean towel, most important to avoid  prick and squeeze your pimples they may spread rapidly, and eating  a well-balanced diet high in fiber ,zinc and raw foods , to avoiding tobacco , alcohol, caffeine, sugar processed foods and food high in iodine such as a salt ,oil food.   

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