Vitamins Deficiency for Hair Loss

The millions of people hair loss problem in the world, it is also may be caused by bad diet  and deficiency for vitamins. Common sense that  you are eating bat diet will to form a bad health problem and  obviously makes bad effects your health like hair losing, pimples (p. acne) . The high caloric diet under low proteins and low nutrients it is a caused by a hair loss in a lot of men’s and  women.

While vitamins and nutrients make a healthy hair and to help a  regrowth for hair, the most important vitamins for hair losing is a B vitamins ,the vitamins deficiency are also causes by hair loss , vitamins B to develop a hair regrowth and it contain  a enzymes proteins that regulate chemical reaction in the body and to avoid a loss  problem the vitamins  and nutrients diet also helpful to re-growth a hair normally.

Vitamins E is a most useful  for hair fall, it is a antioxidant  property to stimulate hair growth  and to increase a blood circulation and this turn help to healthy ,silky ,stronger hair. The sources of a vitamins E is a Green leaf ,coconut water, fruits, nut, and dry fruits. Vitamins are also important to maintain your natural hair and healthy hair.
Some medical treatments also causes by hair losing like a chemical   processed shampoo, topical hair creams and hair colorings creams etc.


Aloe Vera :- it is a use regularly aloe Vera gel ,it’s activities that produce a nitric oxide and enzyme is a called as super oxide dismutance . some times expert using these nitric oxide and enzyme to stimulate  re-growth for hair and it is a best herbal treatment .

Grind almond and lime seeds and small amount of water with equally these past apply daily

Safflower oil to provides a more nutrients and to circulate blood circulation ,it is a helpful to promote a re –growth normal.

Firstly change your diet, regularly eating high nutrients and high proteins diets and drink a one to two liters water  daily.

Boiling coconut oil and henna  is a consider a valuable hair tonic, after that fingers massages for 15 minutes.

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