Birth Control Methods

The (Contraception) means avoid pregnancy is also know as birth control. The majority of people choose option such as condoms and birth control pills. But, there is other many options.  If your idea on birth control, speak for your family doctor. Your option will be totally depends upon your strength (health), your want for security next to disease and your private preference or beliefs.

The method and technique often overlap, or a lot of births manage method and technique is not severely contraceptive as fertilizations and occur may be conceptions. Barrier technique includes such as diaphragm and condoms as well as injects able or oral etc contraceptives. Post –coital birth control is also called as Contraceptives, which is including morning after medicine is also known as intrauterine device.

Barrier Techniques for Birth Control:
Barrier techniques avoid pregnancy by sperm blocking Barrier method of birth manages. Barrier techniques mostly to use all time you have sex. They are including a diaphragm, such as a (contraceptive sponges), (cervical cap) and (condoms) etc. A lady must be visiting her doctor to be fitting for a cervical cap and diaphragm. These are cervical cap; contraceptive sponge and diaphragm use to increasing risk of the (urinary tract infection) in some of the female. Several female have allergic reactions by this technique.

Condoms are Good Option:
Condoms are costly or commonly available. Condoms can be combining with other technique for birth control.  Condoms are an especially good options you, and your partner.The every one the barrier technique option, condoms offer a large amount of security. A condom offers to use better protection next to pregnancy.  But, it may be not add to your security against (STIs). Spermicidal have (nonoxynol-9) can reason genital irritation or in fact raise your risk of catch a STI.

Hormonal Methods:
Hormonal techniques of birth control prevent pregnancy generally by prevent ovulation. Progestin or estrogen hormones release them. Hormonal technique for birth control are agreed by your family doctor or other doctors, and take in the birth control the vaginal ring, birth control tablets, the patch, hormone shot, and other kind of intrauterine tool etc.

What is about vaginal ring?
The vaginal ring is a rounded, thin and flexible circle, so you are easily put in to vagina. After that you are inserting the ring, you put down for 3 weeks it in your vagina and after that take it out. It doesn’t have specific position in vagina.If more than the 3 hours ring is out of your vagina, it may be don’t work successfully. When you set it backside. To keep next to pregnancy, you will require applying another type of birth control until the ring has been 7 days a line in the every time. Several ladies prevent a pregnancy use the ring for the reason that of concern such as sensation the circle in the vagina, troubles with sex or the vagina push out the circle.

What is about patch?
The patch is a flexible and thin, patch to set on your stomach, buttocks, upper arm and chest. You set a patch for 3 weeks or 4th week, you don't put on a patch in your start period. The side effects of patch are comparable to another of birth control medication. Breast pain is extra common in the first two or three months use the patch.

What is about the pills?
The oral contraceptive is a birth control pill, sense you get it by mouth. The work of the pill, you have to obtain it all day. Most female who get the pill have a periods each 1 month. The birth control tablets reduce the (number of period starting 1 period to another period). Some general side effect of birth control tablets is acne, headaches, nausea, and breast tenderness; increase a blood presser, weight increase or depression etc. but, not all lady’s who take the tablet will have a side effect. You may be to try some type of birth manage pills after that you find out that is greatest for you. The pills may be decrease cramp or cut down the number of days of flow of blood through the menstrual cycle period. The pill also helps to premenstrual condition.

What is about implants and shots?
You have to call your medical doctor for each shot. The only one shot stop a pregnancy for three months. Some side effects of each shot such as a changing a period serial, headache, mass or mood etc.The hormone insert is a thin, flexible part of plastic. Your physician inserts the shot in upper arm skin. One shot and one implant to prevent pregnancy for up to a three. The Side effects of the implant such as a spotting and irregular bleed.

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