Some Body Care Tips & advice

Watermelon liquid cares your skin to make fresh and lovely:

The watermelon liquid press out and apply to it in your face skin surface for 20 minutes.   Now wash it with warm water and then get water on icy water.

Tea trees leaf and lemon water useful to avoid hair fall:

They also make a soft and shiny hair, firstly you must to boiling the tea tress leafs and add a small amount of lemon water and after that wash your hair with it, wash your hair carefully.

Fenugreek leaves treat black heads, pimples and dry skin:
Create a paste of this leaf and it will be apply in your face every day.

Curd and Bengal gram flour:
Curd mixed with Bengal gram flour and its apply daily on your hair and face. It well be to make a beautiful glow as well as shiny hair and stronger hair.

Orange water is beneficial to make a immediately beautiful glow:

Orange water is very beneficial for immediately beautiful glow. Firstly you need to plunge your fingers in the orange water and tap your fore head, neck, chin and cheeks, after that wash 15 minutes.

Above some beneficial total body care tips.  

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