Legend has it is the initial aphrodisiac foods was bear when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, rise starting the sea on an oyster and gave birth to Eros. An aphrodisiac is a to rouse sex drive as well as to increasing by sexual performance. You possibly have a foods lying approximately in your home and your kitchen so don’t wait for anybody. In this way starting your healthy life style.

The avocado tree is known as ‘Aztecs’ which is interpret to ‘testicle plant’ or ‘testicle tree’, as ‘AVOCADO’ suspend form the tree in couple. The sumptuous feel of the fruits is most excellent enjoyed piece with a little quantity of balsamic vinegar drizzle more than or a little twists of newly ground pepper. The avocados content a vitamin B6 is said to increasing creation of the male or female sex hormones. Most important its potassium content also helps in regulated by women’s thyroid gland.

The phallic form of the banana flower is partly responsible for its popularity as an aphrodisiac. Islamic myths maintain that behind Adam and eve give way to the temptation; they in progress covering them with banana or not fig foliage. Banana rich in vitamins b and potassium, bananas are very beneficial to sex hormone production.


Raspberry and strawberry is a very useful food, just right foods to nourish your fan! The berries that are explained in (erotic literature) as fruit nipples are high in vitamin C or raspberry and strawberry those are useful to prevents some form of (cancer).

An unlock fig is believed to imitate the woman’s sexual organs or is usually careful to be a sexual stimulant. Some say that a male fig opening or to intake it in face of his lover can be extremely erotic or serve as a great aphrodisiac. Fig is a rich in healthy potassium, and calcium figs is the very helpful for produce male sex hormones.


The arugula or rocket seeds have been firstly recognized as an aphrodisiac as first century ‘AD’. A rugula was jointed with parsnips, pine nuts, orchid bulbs or pistachio, and feed to recently wed in a medieval time in agreement with the principle that it would heat things up to ‘wedding night’.

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