Natural Treatment of Piles

Treatment of the pile naturally is of course a good choice. Many people believe that natural treatments are less expensive than remedies for the disadvantages piles with creams or lotions. This confusion seems to stem from the fact that batteries are often visible; it seems logical to apply the treatment directly in the area. There is no doubt that the relief can be gained by some topical treatments, but the main problem is that nothing is done to treat the cause of the batteries if the topical treatments can not relieve symptoms.

It is widely accepted that the bunker is caused by the pressure around the anal area due to the lifting, constipation and diarrhea heavy and prolonged standing or sitting. When you have piles, they can be very difficult to get rid of it completely. It is therefore important to understand that treatment of piles, do not neglect the causes and treat only the symptoms.

Natural Treatment of Piles:

1)    Take 1 tbsp tablespoon black cumin (shah jeera), roast and mix with 1 tablespoon toasted cumin seeds and black powder both together. Take 1 / 2 with a glass of water once a day.
2)    Daily radish juice taken in the morning and evening.
3)    Wash figs 3-4. Soak in a glass of water overnight. Eat them first thing in the morning. Repeat it again tonight.
4)    Take 3-4 times daily boil 1 ripe banana 1-cup milk, mash well.
5)    Crush leaves and bitter gourd juice. Mix 3 tablespoons in a glass of buttermilk and drink on an empty stomach every morning for at least one month.
6)    Take one glass of buttermilk with 1 / 4 tsp carom seed powder and a pinch of salt daily.

A patient with piles must make an all-out effort to tone up your entire system. Exercise plays an important corrective rule in this state. Movements exercise the abdominal muscles to improve circulation in the rectal region and relieve the pressure.


  1. Really very good remedies and treatments to avoid piles. It is also cheap and affordable to apply. So anyone can attempt these treatments easily. You have done great job.

  2. Symptoms of the pile is very easy to find. The most obvious symptoms of the first pile is the experience of pain in the rectum, through the stool. This may be followed, such as bleeding, pain and itching and other symptoms. The symptoms can vary from one pile to another case, so it is important to get a clear diagnosis.