Oily Skin Care Tips

The oily skin is a mainly cause acne (pimples), rough pores, zits, skin blackheads and many embarrassing blemishes. Most important is a teenager, and this situation is reason when the sebaceous glands are overactive (the sebaceous glands is to produce a acne ‘pimples’ )and begin making excess oil. This oil creates the skin very shiny, thick and dull colored or causes the pores to become enlarged. Heredity, diet, hormone levels, certain cosmetics can cause this condition.

Causes of Oily Skin
Hormone levels
Cosmetics you use
Birth control pills
Humidity and hot weather

Diet for Oily Skin:
Take plenty of fresh fruits and dark green leafy vegetables.

The deficiency of vitamins B12, it is main cause oily skin.  Nutritional yeast, organ meats and wheat germ provides both vitamin B2 and vitamin B5. Others most excellent sources of vitamin B2 are fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, royal jelly and beans. Black beans, whole rice and Buckwheat both are good to provide the whole the body with iron or rejuvenate pate skin.

Drink plenty of water, water is very beneficial to skin hydrated.

Reduce the fat in your diets. And totally avoid pork or fried and highly seasoned foods. Do not eat oily food.

Do not drink alcohol and soft drinks. Avoid sugar, junk food and chocolate.

Natural Skincare for oily skin :

If your face skin is very oily, combine in small amount drops of eau de cologne. This is not only beneficial keep oiliness of your face skin away but also very beneficial in cleansing the holes of the face skin and to prevent acne.
To clear away excess oil of skin surface, apply a mud mask and clay. Mix together well one-teaspoon raw honey or one teaspoon powder of green clay. This mixture on the your face skin surface, and avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for 25 minutes, and then wash well with lukewarm water.

Once or twice daily, mix together equal part of cool water and lemon juice. Pat mixture on the face skin surface and allow it to dry, and then wash with lightly warm water.


  1. Definitely It would be great and effective tips. I like your suggestion and these are much impressive. Many people suffers from oily skin. Your tips may become little relief for them.

  2. Avoid using chemicals to remove oil, which a certain amount of natural oil is needed to maintain consistency skin.Avoid too much washing the skin because it leads to an overproduction of oil to compensate for the loss.

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    Thanks for sharing this unique information about oily skin.. Really very much helpful..

  4. Oily skin is really bigger problem. I think natural remedies could be work well. You should have to avoid to eat much oily foods.

  5. Nutritional yeast, offal and wheat germ, vitamin B2 and vitamin B5. Other sources of vitamin B2 is the best fresh fruit, whole grains, nuts, and royal jelly beans. Black beans, rice and buckwheat are the revitalization of the body or neck skin to provide a good iron.