Water and Diet are Really Natural Skin Care

When trying our number of skin treatments products, it is improved to have some information about our (own skin).  As a number of peoples have dry skin while others has oily skin. I suggest you apply right skin care and skin treatments; the most excellent natural skin care is to daily drink lots of water. Clean your face with in the morning or previous to going to bed.

Diets: A diet also plays a very important role of our skin, as good-quality skin is a reflection of an excellent digestive system.

Daily eat extra fiber foods.

Avoid and eat spicy or oily food.

Take extra vegetables especially dark green leaf as well as to take more fresh fruits like apple, orange, mango, banana etc.


  1. This is fact and no doubt about that. I am agree with you. Water is keep our skin really wonderful. It is natural element and easily affordable. Sense of eating and diet may be perfect solution for better skin.

  2. Honey is an anti-microbial agent. It prevents bacteria growth. Why is honey a good anti-microbial agent? Honey, high in sugar content, limits the water amount available to bacteria. Bacteria need nitrogen to grow.