What Experts Says About Health

Health is vital factor in every people life. Experts are giving these nine tips related to health that may help us to make your health strong and fit. If we talk about the health, then water is most important part of healthy life. So drink more water as you can in a day. At least drink eight glasses of water in a day.

Maintain daily disciple such as wake up early in morning, jogging, heavy Breakfast, Lunch, light Dinner and Sleep (minimum 8 hours). Routine is important factor in healthy life.

Use clean Water & soft cloth for cleaning the skin.

Make habit of morning walk daily. Do exercise such as running, swimming, cycling for half an hour.

Sleep in comfort bed at least 8 hours.

Eat boil food instead of fried food. Do not take more foods which contain fats.

Meditation and Yoga is tradition gift from nature, all these play one vital role in human's life such as give longer life, become active.

Intake regular diet, eat more green vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Don't take alcohol too much and smoke or tobacco also.

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