Fish Is Good Source of Vitamin

As a human become older and older there are chances of getting visual problems such as cataracts or glaucoma. Eye doctor say that, to avoid the chance of such problem, eating sea food four times in a week.

Fish is considered as a one of the best source of vitamin which helps contain healthy value and free form extra fat as well. Recent study prove that continually consumption of seafood 2 or 3 times per one week can prevent chance of eye related issues like short sightedness, long sightedness, color blindness etc.

Omega-3 human extra fat are most generally found in oily seafood such as seafood and seafood can help avoid the start of Age-related Macular Harm (AMD), a condition that causes continuous loss of viewpoint with age. Researchers found that just one or two areas seafood per One week can prevent visual reduce to 42 % in older women.

Age-related Macular Harm (AMD) is one of the most causes which is related to viewpoint with age. Researcher of Brigham and Woman's Hospital and Stanford Medical care School in Birkenstock Boston Celtics, during in his research collect details of more than thirty thousand women, who had never identified with AMD,

Like their nutritional routines, such as consumption of omega-3 and omega-6 human extra fat, collected and supervised their eye health for 10 years.

Researchers found that women who consumed the most omega-3 human extra fat have 38 % decreased possibility of AMD contrary to those who ate the least. Taking one or more areas seafood per One week had a decreased possibility of viewpoint decrease by 42 % contrary to consuming one offering a month. These results support past research that exposed similar results in men.

"In summary, potential details from the inhabitants of women who were not identified AMD had previously shown that consumption of DHA, EPA and seafood continually can considerably prevent AMD," said the analysis author who has launched in the book Information of Ophthalmology.

"Fish with 'dark meat' is the most helpful. Lower possibility of loss of perspective seems mainly due to the consumption of seafood and black various animal meat seafood such as seafood and sardines, "explains lead author, Dr. Invoice Christen of Stanford Medical care School.

AMD is due to break and loss of life of tissues in the macula, which is one part of the retina that is used to look directly ahead. Disease that mainly happens in people 40 years or more takes the patient of viewpoint by creating a black spot in the middle of viewpoint that will gradually grow. So, if you still want to have good perspective until you getting old, then consuming seafood continually is a very awesome idea.

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