Why Carrots Make You More Attractive?

According to the study conduct in the UK, eating fruits and vegetables and vegetables like carrots, tomato, cucumber, radish and papaya are believed to make women more attractive.

Researchers at Technocrats Institute of Research and science, US investigate the relationship between pores and epidermis with one's attractiveness, and found that those have yellow-colored pores and epidermis is a healthy and interesting person.

The scientists were also proving that the yellow-colored pigments, or carotenoids, are resultant from fruits and vegetables and veggies have an important role in producing the yellow-colored shade of the epidermis.

Ian Stephen said the relationship between carotenoids in yellow-colored and open new strategies to encourage adolescents to eat more fruits and vegetables and veggies. He told, that one of the many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and veggies is to prevent heart disease at the age of 40. The result of the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and veggies will be visible in the next months ahead.

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