Diet Plans for Patients

Now a day all the private and government hospital are giving much attention on providing the energy and nutrients for an individual whose situation does not need a remedial eating plan. These approaches may be vary from methods of preparation and stability for victims who cannot accept a daily eating plan but need that plain which heal form illness and make healthy. These changes in daily eating plan are as follows
1) liquid diet plan (like milk, juice)
2) light/soft eating plan (like Bread)
3) Semisolid eating plan like rice, pulses

Liquid Diets
Liquid diet plans are consider as a first preference diet among all the diet, or when the unhealthy person is incapable to eat food properly. Depending upon the particular illness, the fluid diet plans are further divided into two groups:-
(a) Clear fluid diet plans     (b) complete fluid diet plans.

Clear fluid diets
This eating plan is left behind, irritating, non-distending and non-stimulating. This plan is usually take form 2-4 days, after the plain patients become to recover their healthy life. Best examples of this plan are - plain tea, coffee, fat free clear soups, orange normal water, cereal, normal water, strained mindset and coconut normal water.
The quantity of liquid given to the patients and the gap of feeding depends upon the conditions of the patient. This plan normally helps to replace the fluid loss.

Full fluid diet
This eating plan is actually depends on person to person. It bridges the gap between clear fluid and soft eating plan. It is used in serious condition like gastritis and diarrhoea when doctors give advice for surgery .This eating plan can be made useful by adding some extra additives, the following food are included in this diet-
1. Milk with Horlick, Milk with Complan, Milk with Protinex, Milk with Bouranvita, Milk with Spert.
2. Fruit Juices
3. Vegetable- green vegetable or seasonal vegetable.
4. Egg
5. Dry fruits

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