Teeth and health (Nutrition For healthy Teeth)

Like our body, tooth also requires vitamins and minerals which help in keeping our tooth shining and strong. Everybody wants to milky white tooth in their faces, and they can get it just follow the proper diet.

Dental cleanliness is the most vital thing to maintaining healthier gum area and tooth. Beside proper dental cleanliness, proper nutrition also required to prevent damage in gum area and tooth. Dentist also advises to eat lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables, that help in prevent too much consuming refined carbohydrate food, caffeine and sugar. The below listed nutrition for gum area and tooth are:

1.Vitamin D- Humans body need Vitamin D mainly for to sustain your tooth for Damages and also good for your cuboids. The main sources of Vitamin D are fish, sardines and milk products. Skin can also required Vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D also required preventing cuboids loss. In normal body vitamin D required up to 50 year.

2.Vitamin C- This Vitamin is essential   to sustain tissue or collagen in the gum area. Lack of supplement C may cause suffer from swelling and blood loss gum area, and quickly broken as well. Vitamin C is very necessary and one of the nutrition that can be dependable to prevent the tooth. These are the mainly source of Vitamin C -oatmeal, kiwi fruit, lemon, paprika, potato and tomatoes.

3.Beta-carotene- Beta-carotene comes as compliments with vitamin A which is essential for cuboids growth. Vitamin A also required for tooth and tooth enameled development. The meal which has orange-colored, mostly contain Beta-carotene. Source of Beta-Carotene are yams, green beans, pumpkin and cantaloupe (yellow melon). Vegetables such as oatmeal also full of beta-carotene.

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